Friday Festivities

Ugh OMG let me tell you all about my day! It has been a very long day, so I am most definitely in dire need of some relaxation.  Now that we are past that boring tidbit. Tonight is the night ladies and gents, it’s the end of a long work week and you are in need of some TLC from bae (I am lol). I decided it was going to be date night this Friday which means you can finally put some curls in your hair or wear those new sneakers you bought last week on pay-daytumblr_om9tzkry301qd5mzpo1_540

I put together some very trendy simple styles you can personalize from items you might already have. I wouldn’t ball out on new outfits every time you go to dinner but I would buy reasonably priced items to piece together.

You should always have a little nice sit down every couple of weeks (2) with whomever you’re giving faceTIME to. I love a good food place but I’m also pretty picky about where I eat. Instead of depending on a hidden chief with pre-picked out ingredients make your food, you can pick out x-y-z into a custom all you can fit in the bowl stir fry meal at Chow Baby’s. It is a very great american-asian cuisine spot featuring a patio and a great bar selection that won’t drain your pockets.


We all know that the new movie Get Out has been the talk of all social media but personally I’m more of a comedy fan. I recommend going to see Fist Fight (NO SPOILERS). I have been waiting on this movie to come out forever because it stars Ice Cube (I mean who doesn’t love him) and Charlie Day. He is such an amazing actor, comedian, screenwriter, and (etc). He has been in Horrible Bosses (1 & 2) and he also has a reoccurring role (which he also wrote) on a sitcom called It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FXX).

tumblr_ohqa8nxlqy1s56t2eo1_500 tumblr_nj1vo4o5Mb1qjb4ywo1_500.gif


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