Welcome Stranger

My name is McKenzie. I love fashion, food, giving life advice and many other weird but quite interesting things. So I’m going to give you my unique perspective on it while slapping in some random corny humor. I am pretty excited because I will be sharing/overloading whomever’s lives with my obnoxious opinions, and other cool crap I love to do in and around Atlanta.

I want to help you guys figure out where to go, where to shop, how to ball on a budget, where to eat, awesome underground music, whats “trendy” yet affordable, and basically how to find your true self without maxing out your credit cards lol. Trust me its easy to do with our role models inspiring us to live lavishly on peasant pay lmafo. Unfortunately I have been talking about starting a blog for the past 2-3 years. Which is extremely sad but that is going to change today! Bare with me while I’m trying to create this SUPER COOL A** BLOG & don’t sleep on me though because my #gloup2017 is going to be real AF. Stay tuned for my weekly daily updates.


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