Sippin’ Sunday

Edgewood Location

Well guys it’s my 3rd post and the end of a super interesting weekend. I found out the most amazing things while down in Edgewood at the bars. For starters the Corner Tavern has BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS on Saturday and Sunday along with their brunch menu that goes on until 3pm. Now if the early bird doesn’t catch that worm, then the bird is failing at bird life.

If that tidbit of information wasn’t enough to make you throw on some cute jeans and wedges (Dudes: Button down and chucks) here’s even more awesome news. There are two levels and a patio, the upstairs is 21&up only but the rest is free game for the minors. The drinks aren’t super expensive and neither is the food, the highest price on the brunch menu is a 12$ quesadilla. If your a non-pork eater like me then your probably thinking “Hey, I have a long work week ahead of me. Let me mourn for Monday with all these mimosas AND get a Monster Breakfast Burger. So I can drive home like a proper citizen.” (I’m JK guys please UBER/LYFT if bottomless is your weakness) They have pool tables, trivia, darts and a great ambiance for your friends, family or your boo thang!

There are only two locations in Atlanta:
Little Five Points

Little Five Points Location

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