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Lol 😂 hey babes! I know I haven’t posted in a while but hey life happens right. I wanted to post this last week but bae was like nahh don’t give them too much. 

Future – Future 

If you haven’t listened to it because of the gossip then you aren’t a true music fan. So check it out and leave me comments on your thoughts.

I’m So Groovy


Friday Festivities

Ugh OMG let me tell you all about my day! It has been a very long day, so I am most definitely in dire need of some relaxation.  Now that we are past that boring tidbit. Tonight is the night ladies and gents, it’s the end of a long work week and you are in need of some TLC from bae (I am lol). I decided it was going to be date night this Friday which means you can finally put some curls in your hair or wear those new sneakers you bought last week on pay-daytumblr_om9tzkry301qd5mzpo1_540

I put together some very trendy simple styles you can personalize from items you might already have. I wouldn’t ball out on new outfits every time you go to dinner but I would buy reasonably priced items to piece together.

You should always have a little nice sit down every couple of weeks (2) with whomever you’re giving faceTIME to. I love a good food place but I’m also pretty picky about where I eat. Instead of depending on a hidden chief with pre-picked out ingredients make your food, you can pick out x-y-z into a custom all you can fit in the bowl stir fry meal at Chow Baby’s. It is a very great american-asian cuisine spot featuring a patio and a great bar selection that won’t drain your pockets.


We all know that the new movie Get Out has been the talk of all social media but personally I’m more of a comedy fan. I recommend going to see Fist Fight (NO SPOILERS). I have been waiting on this movie to come out forever because it stars Ice Cube (I mean who doesn’t love him) and Charlie Day. He is such an amazing actor, comedian, screenwriter, and (etc). He has been in Horrible Bosses (1 & 2) and he also has a reoccurring role (which he also wrote) on a sitcom called It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FXX).

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Thick Thursday

Afternoon babes, today is going to be a fashion post of course (pause for applause). I’m dedicating today’s fashion inspiration to the curvy women out there trying to progress in life but some of the trends are getting you down. (As Tupac said “I know you fed up ladies, just keep your head up“) It’s our time in the spotlight. Now is the time to spread your wings and take what is rightfully yours (the fashion world) by storm and unicorn glitter.

Today I went with a Bad Girl-Edgy-Glam Rock style that has been trending heavily for the 2017 spring runway shows from Marc Jacob to Coach. This whole style is perfect for a chilly day in Atlanta post-work or an off day full of errands including lunch with your girls of course. All these items are all under 100$, so there’s no possible way you can’t be stylish and sexy without breaking the bank. Speaking of bank breaking here is a small feature of some Nike athletic wear for under 200$. Nike also just dropped a plus size line ranging from sizes XL to 3X. So I will be posting some athletic wear for my Sunday Festivities.

Intermission Wednesday

Guys I really wanted to write an inspiring post but that wasn’t even in the cards. Since today has been extremely hectic and emotionally draining.


I am going to give today a huge hard pass. I will be back up and vibrant with amazing news (hopefully) in the morning. Be sure to like, comment, and post (questions/requests).



Two $ Tuesday 

Tonight is the night to buy some clear/white liquor for your pre-game. Another night spent in Edgewood won’t do you any harm. Especially since the view of the city is so lovely. Its plenty of people who you have and haven’t met lurking around friendly and already faded from the 2$ tequila shots at Mother.

They have an outside patio on the main floor (along with board games 🙌🏾), karaoke upstairs with another bar, and the bathroom on the bottom floor. Every Tuesday they have 2$ tacos, 2$ tequila shots, and 2$ Tecate. Its a pretty awesome restaurant and bar during the day. By night the whole place is turnt and everybody’s dancing. Since it’s a pretty chill ambiance I’d probably throw a casual outfit on.

Ladies: throw on a cute t-shirt dress and some thigh high boots with chunky heels. Add a mini cross body purse and a few layers of jewelry.

Dudes: I would definitely go with jeans and a distressed basic long sleeve t-shirt some rare pair of kicks you never wear and a light jacket. 

May the odds be in your favor 😉

Men’s Fashion Monday

The rainy days representing gloomy moods will not last long in this style. Layers will never fail to have you warm and looking lit when your feeling kind of dim. I’m not telling you to go out and splurge on a rainy day fit but I am telling you to look throughly in your closet for similar items. You wont look any less stylish with or without certain brands. My idea was just to show you how to mix and match brands for less than 100$ per item.

If you don’t have a bomber then that you might need to go thrifting or save up some sha-coin! 2017 is the year of the bomber no matter the color, material, or size ( oversize works wonders for layering). Any graphic tee will do but who doesn’t love Otis Redding. Pick some jeans that will show off your kicks not hide them because they aren’t the right cut. Most of these items came from some of my favorite places to shop including Urban Outfitters and ASOS.

Once a week I will be showing off different variations of mens fashion depending on the weather and events that are going on.

Sippin’ Sunday

Edgewood Location

Well guys it’s my 3rd post and the end of a super interesting weekend. I found out the most amazing things while down in Edgewood at the bars. For starters the Corner Tavern has BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS on Saturday and Sunday along with their brunch menu that goes on until 3pm. Now if the early bird doesn’t catch that worm, then the bird is failing at bird life.

If that tidbit of information wasn’t enough to make you throw on some cute jeans and wedges (Dudes: Button down and chucks) here’s even more awesome news. There are two levels and a patio, the upstairs is 21&up only but the rest is free game for the minors. The drinks aren’t super expensive and neither is the food, the highest price on the brunch menu is a 12$ quesadilla. If your a non-pork eater like me then your probably thinking “Hey, I have a long work week ahead of me. Let me mourn for Monday with all these mimosas AND get a Monster Breakfast Burger. So I can drive home like a proper citizen.” (I’m JK guys please UBER/LYFT if bottomless is your weakness) They have pool tables, trivia, darts and a great ambiance for your friends, family or your boo thang!

There are only two locations in Atlanta:
Little Five Points

Little Five Points Location

Welcome Stranger

My name is McKenzie. I love fashion, food, giving life advice and many other weird but quite interesting things. So I’m going to give you my unique perspective on it while slapping in some random corny humor. I am pretty excited because I will be sharing/overloading whomever’s lives with my obnoxious opinions, and other cool crap I love to do in and around Atlanta.

I want to help you guys figure out where to go, where to shop, how to ball on a budget, where to eat, awesome underground music, whats “trendy” yet affordable, and basically how to find your true self without maxing out your credit cards lol. Trust me its easy to do with our role models inspiring us to live lavishly on peasant pay lmafo. Unfortunately I have been talking about starting a blog for the past 2-3 years. Which is extremely sad but that is going to change today! Bare with me while I’m trying to create this SUPER COOL A** BLOG & don’t sleep on me though because my #gloup2017 is going to be real AF. Stay tuned for my weekly daily updates.

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